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Corvus is a (yet another) CMS which uses MVC3 and RavenDB.  This is very much a project driven by passion for development and exploration of new methods, technologies and packages but tempered with experience and pragmatism.

Guiding Principles

  1. Content is the Website – website isn’t just about about Servers and Software, the content makes the website
  2. Multi-site – each installation should be able to support multiple Top Level Domains pointing to unique sites
  3. Multi-brand – each site should be able to be sub-divided into further sections – different divisions
  4. Scalable – from a single shared webserver through to an load balanced presentation tier with decoupled admin area
  5. SEO by default– sensible urls (no page.aspx?id=56&lang=en-GB) and no reliance on cookies/session to access pages correctly
  6. Internationalization – the ability to support multiple languages for a content item – language selection can be done via top-level domain
    • => fr
    • => en-GB

    Or through the url structure of a common TLD

    • => en
    • => fr
    • => de
  7. Flexible but consistent – allow for similar pages to be consistent by default but individually modified
  8. Appropriate Structure – pages will fall into a natural url based hierarchal structure, but also organised into an independent folder hierarchy for administrative purposes

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